musical ancestry with 4825 entries

"Blue" Gene Tyranny

A Miyamoto

A Tillman Merritt

Aarre Merikanto

Abby Rabinovitz

Abdul Wahid Khan

Abraham Chavez

Abram Shtern

Achille Errani

Adah Toland Moselle Jones

A Benton Stuart

A P Vivian

Aaron Copland

Abbey Simon

Abbé Vogler

Abel Ehrlich

Abraham Skernick

Abram Yampolsky

Achille Rivarde

Adalbert Kraus

Trace this musician's roots by selecting his/her teacher below:

This project would not have been possible without the help from various resources, including "Defining National Piano Schools: Perceptions and Challenges" by Dr. Wojciech Wisniewski, “Flutists’ Family Tree: In Search of the American Flute School” (DMA diss., The Ohio State University, 2004) by Demetra Baferos Fair, accounts from Wikipedia, mentors, and contributors

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