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Check out the 4D Piano Pocket Player exclusively for iPhones and iPads on the App Store for only 99 cents!

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Pause or skip ahead:

Pause at a fermata! Skip to the next piano note technology is exclusively available on 4D Piano Pocket Player.


Hear chord reduction:

Listen back to a chord being detected in realtime.


Speed up or slow down:

Up to 25% to 250% of the original speed.



Up to 12 semitones up or down. When used in conjunction with the loop back function, this is ideal for warmup exercises!


Add a bookmark:

Let the app snap back to your favorite speed or spot.


Open and import music:

This app comes with hundreds of tracks without any additional charges. In addition, you can import your personal MIDI or 4D JSON file. 4D JSON files can be generated or recorded through the 4D Piano Enterprise, which comes with a low latency rehearsal environment with video chat and lightning fast piano transmission at


Ask us:

Contact us any time for any further questions, repertoire suggestions, and custom-made track services, at