4D Piano


4D Piano is the world's first fully-equipped browser app piano that enables self, peer, and remote accompanying with low-latency and high-quality.

Self Accompanying Use Cases:



Page-turn pedal or spacebar

Watch how flexible and sensitive 4D Piano can glue to your tempo and rubato.



MIDI left pedal trigger on 4D Piano Collab app

Watch how a pianist plays a Tetris duet with oneself!

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 1.42.08 PM.png


Wireless presenter

Watch how a singer guides the accompaniment using a handheld remote.

Peer and Remote Accompanying Use Cases:

"As long a teacher of collaborative pianists, I have been most concerned in this pandemic about the current lack of successful solutions for partnering singers. I have searched carefully for technology that really works and 4D Piano is the only solution I have found. Amazingly, it is the answer for our current desperation, but it is a superior solution for all times.  Invented by a superb pianist, Lucas Wong, whom I have known well for some years as a versatile performer and teacher in solo, chamber, song, and operatic repertoire, 4D Piano not only meets the needs of singers, but it trains them rhythmically, in ways we often neglect, through visual sharing of the piano part. It also trains pianists who, while not actually playing the piano, are in the same collaborative relationship at any given moment by just the movement of a finger! As the operator of 4D Piano, one can partner in ritardandi, accelerandi, and fermati as well as in leadership and sensitive following of a singer just as one would do when actually playing for the singer. There is no lag time and real and detailed ensemble is possible!  Thank you, Lucas!" 

Margo Garrett

Collaborative Performing and Recording Pianist

The Juilliard School Emerita 



Play. Listen. React. Communicate.

"The most awesome thing about 4D Piano is the four dimensions. It lets you play anything to it, as it also plays to you. As it plays to you, you can change it on the fly. In the middle of all of this, you can choose to instantly teleport what you are doing to another location, without any special setup."


Inventor and International Pianist, Lucas Wong


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Easy. Fast. Versatile. Magical.

Whether you are a teacher or performer, having high-quality music that interacts and evolves with you in realtime can be a challenge, especially at times when collaborators and recordings are not possible.

We believe that anyone with a device and Wi-Fi should enjoy an experience that is both a visually and aurally satisfying one.



Your playing is instantly teleported to another device in low-latency and high-definition on 4D Piano Collab. Realtime remote accompanying is possible.


You can quickly swap a piece, transpose up/down 12 semitones, fast-forward, rewind, and reset. Our team works constantly to fulfill new repertoire requests.


Easy deployment on devices with small screens and low bandwidths augments your music making possibilities such as outdoor activites, rain or shine.


In addition to enjoying the freedom to access and suggest pieces to the library, you can also play any custom sheet music through your dropbox.


4D Piano is equipped with 3D Touch sensors all 88 keys that invite you to play along. It is also compatible with MIDI instrument once connected.


This autopilot function takes the sheet music tempo markups and your latest beat trigger (if any) as a reference, and creates a track that is organic.




4D piano is an incredible tool for singers!! I am a professional singer as well as a vocal coach and pianist.  I use 4D piano when I practice singing so I don’t have to play and sing at the same time. This way, it allows me to focus more on the different aspects of my singing. With 4D piano, I have complete control with rubato and cadenza passages unlike pre-recorded tracks. I highly recommend you to go to the website and try it out yourself.  


—  Jennifer Tung, Faculty, The Glenn Gould School





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